Loft Conversions in London

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Loft conversions in London can take several forms and there are options for all budgets. Depending on the shape and space of your loft you could go for the cheapest loft conversions in London by simply doing a loft window conversion. This is when a window is added to the line of the roof. All that is needed now for your loft to become a room is the addition of access and some flooring. The cost is not the only advantage to a loft window conversion, these windows also let considerable more light into a room then a dormer window (except for a couple of months in the heart of winter). If you did not have the loft space to just add a loft window then you could consider loft extensions like a hip to gable, dormer or mansard loft conversion.

Loft conversions in London are often a better investment then areas outside London because there is a higher increase to you property value due to the inflated price per square foot. However, loft conversions in London are often made more difficult by the large areas that are considered to be conservation areas. Planning for extensions in London can often be refused as your property lies within one of these protected areas.

This does not mean that you should not consider a London loft conversion. There are some simple checks that you can do to see if you are within one of these conservation areas and even if you are there are still some types of loft conversions in London that are allowed.

The best thing to do is to find a reputable builder your area as he will know what needs planning permission and what does not. If you do not know a builder that you can trust then you can use one of our recommended builders for your area. We have very strict selection criteria when choosing our builders so it is always useful to receive a free consultation over the phone and you will not be under any obligation to proceed with them.

We will also send you over a checklist that will help you see if you would even need planning permission as many loft conversions in London do not.