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Loft conversions are now one of the most popular forms of home improvement as they provide the oportunity to transform empty attic space into a functional room, be that a bedroom, bathroom, office, entertainment space or just extra accessable storage. A loft conversion by London specialists can add as much as 20% to the  value of a property and can save someone the expense and stress of moving.

We are a company dedicated to converting loft space. Our aim is to not only provide a high quality of workmanship for a reasonable price but to be a loft conversion company that can be relied upon to work closely with clients to meet all their needs.

Types of Loft Conversion

Types of loft conversions londonThere are four main types of loft conversion that someone can do:

  1. Roof Window conversion – which is putting a window in the roof and renovating the space
  2. Dormer conversion – which is a window-featured extension to the loft. This is more popular because it provides more head room and when done professionally it can  improve the aesthetics.
  3. Hip to gable loft conversion- when a sloped roof section is is lifted and made into a box section adding more useable space and head room
  4. Mansard conversion – This can be prefered in conservation areas.

Find out more about which would be right for you on our types of loft converion page.

Loft Conversion Regulations

loft conversions london building regulationsThere are two types of regulation that you might have to adhere to if you converted you loft:

  1. Building control Regulations.These would be needed on all forms of loft conversion are there to ensure that necessary construction criteria (eg Health and Safety, etc) are met. If you hire a loft conversion london specialist than they will be normally sort all of this out with the local authority
  2. Planning Permission. Since 2008 permitted development rights were extended meaning that many forms of loft conversion now do not need planning permission. You can see more information about this on our regulations page.

See more at our building regulations page.

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Getting a good contractor

To ensure that you add the maximum amount of value to your property and reduce the chances of further complications it is always advisable to get a specialist contractor. If you would like a quote from one of our recommended builders please call the numbers shown on this page. We only use London builders who are established and take pride in their work.